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Like a rock, and it sinks like one too

Ok so it was pushed back a few days, but today is the day me and my traveling buddies are leaving! After some trouble last night with the tent, a break-up with a good friend, and some troubles with too much fat in our diets (I blame the peanut butter) everything is good to go.

Wish us luck, we're going to need it. XD

Heading out

Ok so we're heading out fairly soon. Probably April 1st, maybe a day sooner.

We've seam sealed the tent (by the way if you have the money to spare the Nemo losi 3person is a good by) and my friend and I have spent our first night out in the wild. We're pumped up and ready to go! Now all we have to do is wait for the part on my knife (sadly I've not been ab;e to get the Russian switch knife I've been eyeing T_T) and we'll be heading out.

This Friday baby I can't wait!

What's to come

So a bit of a howdy.

My name is Dandelion, though I go by Dande 'cuz I like it better. I'm genderqueer and vegan due to a mixture of deadly allergies to milk, eggs, beef and chicken, and my ethics. I'm also an anarcho-primitivist and radical feminist. Yeah I'm a bit of mood killer, but I fucking love it so go cry to someone who cares.

I've been a street kid since I was 8 though I had bouts of homelessness before hand as well, though I wasn't on my own until 8. I tried the whole "get a job and settle" thing when I became legal, though it didn't work for me. Luckily I met my friend and travel buddy who saved me from doing something stupid and now we're squatting in Olympia WA until spring when we're going to head off towards warmer climates. Where we're going we're only 60% sure, but it's no worse than here.

Anyway that's me in a nutshell. If you like friend me, though mainly it will be public with private entries being really rare, so don't feel pressured to. :D



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